About Tan-Ara Co.AB

Tan-Ara Co.AB works to help people to a healthier life by offering natural and healthy products. We strive to help people to be naturally healthy and our health food counselors will be happy to help you with tips and advice to get a better balance between diet, exercise and rest. 
We provide a carefully selected range of healthy, high quality products. In our shop you will find, for example, naturally dried fruits, high quality saffron, natural rice, fresh dates and several varieties of medical plants. We are constantly working on developing our organic range of new products.

 Bibi Sajadi - Tan-Ara

About Bibi Sajadi

Bibi Sajadi is the founder of Vasby Import and Tan-Ara Co. AB. Both companies strive to give the people the taste of middle eastern food!

Tan-Ara Co. AB was founded by Bibi at 2001 and she has ever since then built and developed its business. The company exports and imports food from different EU countries, but has no connection whatsoever with the Islamic Republic of Iran. As a successful entrepreneur, Bibi has a lot of experience today in sales and leadership.

Because of her great interest in helping people to a healthier life, Bibi's goal is to be the largest supplier in Europe of healthy products.